How To Flash ROM From Internal Storage on Sprint Diamond

by Nathan on April 8, 2009

Intro Fluff:

Flashing a ROM from the Internal Storage on your phone is actually quite easy! You need to get the .nbh file for the ROM you’re wanting to flash to. For most ROM’s you find online, they are a folder with a few files inside (Custom RUU.exe, ErrorBattery.fig ect..)

How To Do It:

1. Find the “RUU_signed.nbh” file for the ROM you desire to upgrade to. (Found in the RUU folder of the ROM)

2. Rename to “DIAMIMG.nbh” (It’s IMG, not ING)

3. Transfer to the root folder of your Internal Storage.

4. Turn off Phone completely.

5. Hold down the POWER BUTTON, VOLUME DOWN, and the BACK ARROW (top right button – looks like “<-”)

6. It should ask you to “Press power button to start update image” – Do it ;)

7. It should have a status bar, and get to 100% in a few minutes.

8. After the Update is complete, hit the reset button or remove battery to boot.

9. It is suggested to always Hard-Reset your device after you have flashed to a rom after full initial boot.

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