How Do I Backup My Phone Contacts – Windows Mobile

by Jeremy on April 15, 2009

Intro Fluff:

If you are looking to flash your phone to a new ROM, or hard reset your device, a very good thing to do is to backup your contacts! Flashing your phone or hard resetting it will without a doubt erase your contacts. This can be a disaster if you have not properly backed your contacts up!

This is a very simple, straightforward process that should only take a few minutes. Following the instructions below will ensure that your contacts are safely backed up, and you will be able to restore them at any time.

How To Do It:

1. Download the free application – PPCPimBackup - Follow this link, then click “Download PIM backup v2.8 for WM5 & WM6″

2. Once the program has been downloaded onto your local machine, find the zipped folder called “PPCPimBackupV2.8_wm2005.”

3. Unzip this folder. (Not sure how to unzip? Learn here.

4. Once unzipped, open the new, unzipped, folder and there will be an app inside called “PPCPimBackup”. This is the file you need to make the backups. Our next step is getting this app. onto our internal storage card (in the case of the Sprint Diamond) or an external storage card in the case of other windows mobile phones.

5. Establish an activesync connection, or disk-drive connection with your phone. i.e. Plug your phone into the computer and make sure you see it under “My Computer”.

6. Now, through your computer, access your phone. i.e. Go to My Computer and you should see your device listed on there. If you are using the Sprint Diamond, you will most likely automatically be in the “Internal Storage” folder once you open the device in My Computer.

7. Copy the PPCPimBackup app. to your Internal Storage. Or, if you have a phone other than the Sprint Diamond, copy the PPCPimBackup app to your external storage.

8. You are now good to go and can disconnect your phone from the computer.

9. Make the Backup! Now that your phone is disconnected, you will navigate to the PPCPimBackup app that is located on your phone using the Windows Mobile File Explorer. After you open the File Explorer, you will most likely navigate to a folder called “Internal Storage” or wherever it was that you copied the PPCPimBackup app from your computer.

10. Tap the PPCPimBackup app to open it.

11. You will see the “Action” box. Make sure that says “Backup”. Select the options that you want to backup, then click “Next”.

12. You can name the backup whatever you want (see the first field that will say something like “PIMBackup_2009_04_01″) you can erase that and name it something like “Before Flash – Contacts Backup04-09-09″.

13. CRUCIAL STEP: Make sure you click the “Browse” button and navigate to your storage card, or Internal Storage (in the case of the Sprint Diamond). The storage card is the only thing that will survive the flash or hard reset. If you save the backup under “My Device” or something like that, then once you hard reset, or flash the device, the backup will be deleted! MAKE SURE YO U SAVE YOUR BACKUP ON THE STORAGE CARD. Navigate to where you want to save it and click “Done”.

14. You can tick any of the other options you see fit, but you will most likely just want to click “Next” again.

15. You will see the phone do it’s thing and when it is done, the status bars will be completely full. You can now click “Exit”.

You will probably want to make sure the backup worked properly, so on your phone, using the File Explorer again, navigate to where you saved the backup and verify that it exists where you think it will.

Now that you have learned how to back up your contacts, learn how to restore your contacts using PPCPimBackup.

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