I Got A Pre And I Love It

by Jeremy on September 19, 2009


Okay, I didn’t upgrade my SERO plan, I simply added the Everything Data plan to my account. Screw that, I’m not giving up a $30 a month unlimited everything (sero) plan just because I want a new phone. I’m sure I can find some use for it…like for a business phone or something. I’ll PAY FOR BOTH PLANS! What now, Sprint!? What now!? haha.

Just so you know, we were really hoping that Sprint would feel it in their hearts to give us SERO users a break, and let us add the Pre to our SERO accounts, but those heartless bastards are sticking to their guns.

Notes About My Pre

I type to you from my bedroom office, my Palm Pre about a foot away from the home-row keys, sitting on it’s Touch Stone and the tunes of Jack Johnson pumping out of the speaker. No worries if I get a call while I’m listening to Pandora, the Pre simply fades my music out, and the ringtone in. I then have the option to answer the call with one touch, or ignore it. If I do answer the call, the phone automatically goes to speaker, and I start talking. Once I hang up, Pandora begins playing again right where I left off. The phone doesn’t crash. I don’t have to take my battery out and restart the thing just because I have two processes running at once. *cough* windows mobile *cough*

Say by chance the person is calling me to get the phone number of a mutual friend. I simply swipe the “live call” card away and sort through my contacts, find the number, and tell them the information they’re looking for through the speaker phone. Maybe this scenario doesn’t impress you very much, but it does me. The Palm Pre is a multi-tasking dream. The card system is amazing, and the built-in customization is awesome.

Another thing I love about the phone is that if I’m getting a call, I simply put it to my ear and talk. The sensors in the phone automatically detect that I’m in the “talking” position and the phone answers, and the screen turns off so that I don’t accidentally turn the call off, or push random buttons on the screen. What if I pull the phone away from my ear? The screen lights back up! Just like that! There is no need to push the power button every time you want to turn the screen on or off. It’s just built in!

To be honest, I had a lot of ¬†fun flashing new ROMS to my old Touch Diamond, but there comes a time in a Fluffy Phone Man’s life that he just wants to use a phone as a phone, and he wants that phone to perform without having to tweak every single setting, or flash to someone else’s customized ROM. The Pre just works and I love it just how it is. There is little that I would change with the device if anything at all. I’m really satisfied with my purchase.

The phone’s keyboard is a little small, but I’ve got pretty big hands, and I’m used to it now. The first day or two I had sore thumbs (literally), but now I can type on the Pre just as fast as I ever could, if not faster than on my late Mogul (the phone I had before the dreaded on-screen keyboard-toting Diamond).

Maybe I’ll do a more in depth review later, but these quick notes will have to suffice for now.

I guess you could call me a Palm Pre fan boy now. Heh, I’d take that title any day over being called an Apple fan boy. I honestly can’t see what’s so cool about the iPhone after using my Pre for the last few weeks. Yeah, Apple has more apps, but the Pre has apps too, and more are being added every day. Besides, screw apps. The phone works for what I need it to do. I made a whole shopping list on my Pre, compared prices for the stuff online, and chatted with friends all at the same time, all while my computer was no more than a couple feet away from where I was laying on my bed.

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